The artist creates humorous comics that will make you laugh (20 new photos)

Sometimes condensing a story into just 3 or 4 frames of a comic is a significant achievement. What about one panel? This already seems like quite a challenge, but adding a fun twist makes it nearly impossible. The creator of Rubes Cartoons is a perfect example of this!

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Lee Rubin and his series of one-panel cartoons, so feel free to check out our previous posts to see some of his early work. Today we are pleased to present to you 29 of Rubin’s latest cartoons, as well as a few more facts about the artist and his works.

Credit: Leigh Rubin






Rubin recently released a book. We ask him to tell us more about this new publication. Lee shared with us that the idea for Think Like a Cartoonist came about four years ago. I have a meeting with the director of RIT Press Rochester Institute of Technology.

My idea was to write a book that celebrates humor and creativity. The director suggested that I find a journalist to contact an unspecified number of people and ask them to share their stories of how they creatively “connected the dots” to solve a problem or create a work of art with these two or more unrelated” themes or ideas and the result when “the dots were connected.”
















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