This Comic Artist Illustrates Absurd and Funny Situations That Might Make You Laugh (20 pics)


Are you formerly bored with the new time? Well, we suppose we can fix that because Dieter Bevers( Quatsch) is back in wearied Panda. Dieter is a ridiculous artist grounded in Belgium who stands out for his ingenious and absurd caricatures that illustrate ridiculous situations in the mortal or carnal world.

The artist preliminarily participated with us that he wants to make people smile. So if people suppose one of my cartoons is funny also it’s charge fulfilled. Scroll down to forget about his fleshly worries at least for a moment.

Credit: Dieter Bevers




Like most artists, Dieter also faces some challenges when doing creative work. For him, the most grueling aspect is changing time to make cartoons.” Getting ideas to draw isn’t delicate I always have( numerous) further ideas than I’ve time to develop them. It’s always the lack of time that frustrates me. I would love to draw full-time, but it’s delicate to make a living as a cartoonist. At the moment I’ve to earn plutocrats in other ways. My dream is to make a living with a pencil and pen, but this isn’t possible now. I can not pay my bills this way, unfortunately.”


Most of Dieter’s comics have a single panel. The artist participated that he discovered that single-panel cartoons work stylishly on his Instagram account.” This is because I suppose people do not always want to spend too much time on multi-panel comics. For me, it’s further work to make multi-panel cartoons and when I realize that they do not induce numerous responses, also I tend to make single-panel cartoons. So it’s not that I have got a preference for single-panel cartoons, but I would say it’s further the medium that decides the format, not me.”


















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