Ellis Rosen Single Panel Humorous Comics(20 Pics)

Are you ready to take your single-panel comic addiction one step further? If yes, today we would like to introduce you to Ellis Rosen, who is a comic book artist and digital artist.

If you’re wondering what his trademark is (as if you didn’t click on this just by reading the title), well, he’s an expert at making people laugh with just one panel of his comics! The illustrator became popular thanks to this, gathering more than 154 thousand fans on his Instagram.

Credit: Ellis Rosen




We were wondering how the artist came up with the idea of single-panel comics and what inspired him to make them.

I think if cartoons make me laugh, it will find an audience to one degree or another. One aspect I love about cartoons is that they make you start noticing little things in life that many humans can relate to. It’s fun to notice may the small events of your life are shared by so many other people.


In addition to his comics, Ellis has many other things he works on when he’s not working on his cartoons.

Cartoons are my main focus, but I also do some illustration and writing. I’m trying to write more. I love it.”

That said, we were curious to know a little more about the artist’s schedule and how often he releases new comics.

“I make cartoons every week. I try to keep an alarm in my head, one that constantly asks me, ‘Is this a cartoon?’ As I move forward in my life, it reminds me to keep an eye out for common occurrences that make for great cartoon material. I jot them down in my notes app, then review them and start sketching out ideas. If I’m lucky, a joke will fit.”

















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