I created cartoons about the stupidities of life (20 pics)


My name is Peta Manning. I am a cartoonist from Australia. In the quiet corners of my nonage home, I discovered a love affair with art that will last a continuance. I embarked on a trip that would take me from etches on my bedroom wall to getting a cartoonist who set up humor in the most unanticipated places.

My cultural odyssey began with the adventures of Garfield and the sincere wisdom of Peanuts. When she was a child, she’d cut the strips of paper and collect them. I also drew my own performances of Garfield doing silly effects that I allowed
were funny, like eating a giant sandwich. While my musketeers played with dolls, I was absorbed in the world of animated pussycats and philosophical beagles.

Credit: Peta Manning




During this time, I began to conjure of being a cartoonist. My mama started buying me a lot of cartoon books. I still have an ever-growing collection moment. I expressed thousands of cartoon ideas, some of which made no sense, while others I turned into cartoons when I could draw again. It was times before he was well enough to draw again. At first, I could only draw simple stick numbers, and ultimately, more complex single-panel cartoons, which you can see then.



Inspired and determined by Callaghan’s story, I began creating my own cartoons about the fooleries of life. I’m inspired by numerous different cartoonists, from Gary Larson to New York cartoonists and numerous Australian generators, such as Michael Leunig, Andrew Weldon, and Oslo Davis.





For me, having an idea is very important. As Bob Mancoff, former editor of the New Yorker, says” It’s not the essay, it’s the idea.” A cartoon is like a single frame of a movie it has to tell a story in a single image. I’ve always liked generating ideas. I frequently use mind charts and see if a commodity comes to mind. Other times, a discussion with a friend sparks an idea, or watching other cartoons can inspire new material.¬†Hopefully, I make people laugh or smile with my cartoon.¬†I partake in my cartoons on all social media platforms.













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