20 Single-panel comics filled with absurd situations and silly humor through conversation

Wacademic single-panel comics. They’re full of absurd humor and unanticipated twists, strange characters, and the site is back again with sillier and funnier comics. On this occasion we present exchanges. This artist creates old- nations that not many of us come through.

The style this artist uses is veritably evocative of review comics and there’s commodity veritably nostalgic about them. The comics are veritably simple, but at the same time, they have a lot of detail and expression. The artist likes wordplay and puns. He occasionally indeed includes a bit of dark humor in his comics.

Credit: Tom Falco




We asked the artist how he got into art I was born with this. I have doing art since I could hold a crayon. I started drawing cartoons numerous times agone, I do not flash back when it seems like ever. I am going to continue with them until the day of” My death. It’s part of me. The hardest part, I suppose, is coming up with ideas or jokes for the cartoons. The delineation is the easy part, allowing about diurnal ideas is the main work involved.”



I would describe my style as presto, quick, and meager. A cartoon editor formerly told me that I draw presto. And I do. Also, in recent times I’ve tried to be clean in the delineations, in that I do not clutter them with a lot of details or backgrounds. I see it as a black box stage, where there’s a table and chairpersons and no important difference on stage other than the actors. And my humor is a little cerebral. Not everyone gets the jokes, I suppose” Occasionally my humor makes you stop and suppose.”
















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