20 Single panel humorous comics to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle


Moment we dive headfirst into the humorous macrocosm of Tim Whyatt’s single-panel comics. Known for their laugh-converting wit and relatable humor, Whyatt’s cartoons can make you laugh in a moment. After all, he’s a master at casting spot-on jokes with great perfection. With just one panel( generally), Whyatt has the capability to turn everyday scenes into commodities unusual but still relatable.

The artist is an expert at making fun of the tricks of our ultramodern world, pressing the flightiness of moral conduct, which is why each of his cartoons shows his genius for comedy, turning the mundane into ridiculous.

Credit: Whyatt_cartoons




Talking about his creative alleviation, he said,” My only alleviation is my constant need to entertain myself. However, I just start drawing until I find commodity delightful If I’ve got a blank distance of paper in front of me.” He also suggested his humorous personality in diurnal life by participating,” My ten- time-old son lately told me that he was starting to get too mature for my jokes. I suppose that tells you everything you need to know.




Regarding his identity and future plans, he maintained his humorous address by joking” I am Australian, which means I travel by kangaroo to work. I speak fluent English and American. I am nearly as seductive as the characters I see.” I am drawing. I am working on a new book as we speak.”
















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