20 ‘Bogart Creek’ Single Panel Comics

It takes time to tell a compelling story. After all, you have to produce interesting settings, develop fascinating characters, and tell everything in beautiful language. While numerous ridiculous artists draw long strips to please their compendiums, Derek Evernden does all this with single-panel comics.

By the way, Derek was lucky enough to find a publisher( Renegade Trades Entertainment) for his first cartoon collection, which will be available in stores at the end of March.

Credit: Boart Creek


I started by emulating Herman and the far side when I was a sprat and indeed at that early age I knew I was making secondary crap but the love of sketching persisted through high academy and university Derek told Bored Panda. Bogart Creek is only two times old, but I’ve been drawing comics in colorful forms numerous times. A vital moment for me was about twenty times ago when I worked summers as a pantomimist at Toronto’s Ontario Place, drawing hundreds of excursionists every summer. It was a weird kind of performance, trying to save the punchline for the very end to get a stylish response from the crowd. Can not say I’m an addict of being’ on stage’, but I get an analogous kick from seeing how people respond to my black-and-white delineations online.”



Bogart Creek happened largely because I was getting too depressed drawing political cartoons of Trump Derek said. I gained some instigation in that field of social commentary and it was suggested that I shoot some to the New Yorker. At the time, their policy did not allow political cartoons, so I started making dry, cerebral one-panel jokes about social media matters.”

















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