One-Panel Humorous Comics From This 76-Year-Old Artist (20 New Photos)

Doug Hill, 76, continues to charm and engage audiences with his unique blend of humor in his Laughing Hippo Studio comics on Instagram, where he has over 5,000 followers. Drawing on his extensive life experience including being a family man with three children five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren Doug’s comics often explore family dynamics and everyday situations with a twist while also responding to current trends and new ones with humor that bridge generations.

His background in arts education and a varied career spanning over five decades inform his creative process, combining traditional techniques with a keen eye for the comedic potential in the ordinary. Despite changes in his creative pursuits—from adult magazines to greeting cards to online comics—Doug remains committed to the traditional pencil-and-paper method of drawing, with digital tools playing a secondary role, primarily in coloring.

Credit: Doug Hill




Reflecting on his 30+ years of teaching experience, the artist noted, “Teaching has never really changed the way I make comics, but it has certainly given me a lot of material! complex ideas turned into something digestible and interesting – it permeated my drawings. I have always included a drawing component in my classes, sharing with students what I love about comics and animation has been one of the best parts of teaching.”



Doug acknowledged the problems and his approach, stating, “I wish I had a magic formula for this, but I don’t have one. Sometimes, just by stepping away and doing something else, the ideas start flowing again. I could catch the line on TV.” or misheard what someone said in the store, and suddenly a caricature forms in my head. It’s funny how creativity works—often when you stop trying to force it, that’s when it decides to emerge.”
















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