Adam Douglas Thompson’s light-hearted one-panel comics are full of humor and charm(20 New Comics)

Creating a great one-panel comic is no easy task, but Adam Douglas Thompson makes it look like a walk in the park. His work is a mixture of witty humor and simplicity, encapsulated in a unique, eye-catching artistic style. Thompson became a household name as a cartoonist for The New Yorker, where his humor has graced the pages for many years. Apart from the magazine, his work has also found a home in various art galleries, showcasing his creative prowess.

Naturally, we were curious to know how he first became interested in comics. The artist shared, “I have been drawing and painting since a very young age. As an adult trying to make it in the world of fine art, I found that my work gradually became smaller and sillier. a cartoonist, not an endless fight for exhibits in an art gallery. So I started writing for the New Yorker and eventually started selling cartoons to the magazine.”

Credit: Adam Thompson



Thompson told us that he has various little rituals for generating ideas. “Sometimes I kind of meditate, looking out the window, just letting words and images float through my head until something captures my interest. Sometimes I look at random pictures or words on the computer, just looking for an item. I keep notes on my phone with thousands of fragments of ideas and another note where I develop these fragments into full-fledged ideas, I have found that imposing ideas is not possible – you just need to spend a lot of time in a consciously receptive state of mind. and let them come.”



















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