22 witty one-panel comics from The New Yorker cartoonist

Ali Solomon is a cartoonist and writer from Queens New York, who lives with her husband two daughters, and an extensive comic book collection. Solomon began her creative journey by creating daily comic strips for The Cornell Daily Sun during her undergraduate studies. She has been a regular contributor to the New Yorker since 2018, and her work has also appeared in publications such as McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, the Washington Post, The Believer, and WIRED. In addition to his career as a cartoonist, Ali also devotes his time to teaching art at a New York City high school.

Credit: Ali Solomon




Reflecting on her development from The Cornell Daily Sun to The New Yorker, the artist told Bored Panda: “When drawing for the Daily Sun, I was working within the confines of a comic strip, so I had multiple panels over several days to tell a longer story that could develop over time. The New Yorker cartoons are single-panel jokes, so I had to learn how to convey a lot in a smaller frame.


Discussing how teaching middle school students influences her work, Solomon noted, “Middle school students are the hardest audience for humor. needing to re-evaluate how best to achieve them, I need to constantly think, be willing to change, adapt and learn to appreciate fart jokes on a higher level.

Creating art projects for middle school students is similar to creating ideas for cartoons: they must accommodate different learning abilities, experiences, and skill levels; it has to be understood and it has to be fun.”



















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