20 Single-panel comics filled with this artist’s goofy humor

Are you ready to take a little break and relax with the new comic series we have prepared for you today? If yes, then great! We are pleased to introduce you to mark lynch and his daily cartoon his debut feature film on Bored Panda. The artist promises on his Facebook account that he brings his unique humor to you through the cartoon genre.” We caught up with Mark and asked him questions about the series he was creating. Firstly, we want to know more about the inspiration behind his work. Lynch shares with us just the ability to draw something that others can relate to and laugh at. I equate it to being a stand-up comedian without a live audience.

When asked about recurring themes in his comics, the artist responded: “I hope there is one recurring theme: stupidity! This is how my mind works: I see things in a way that puts a smile on my face, then I try to interpret them on paper and then on my computer to bring them to life.”

Credit: Mark Lynch




Lynch told us what his creative process looks like and how he generates new ideas for his films: “I like to be modern and a little silly at the same time. So if I see something going on in society that can be humorously laughed at, like being ‘over-woke,’ or politicians or bankers trying to appear honest… I think it’s fair game for lampooning.”


















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