20 Enjoyable Funny Single-Panel Comics by Elizabeth McNair

The bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia is home to a talented graphic designer and cartoonist. Meet Elizabeth McNair, an artist who has been drawing since childhood, using pen to showcase her wit and humorous observations of people’s quirks.

McNair’s unusual style has attracted the attention of international publications such as Bon Appetit and Monocle. In 2018, the artist made her dream come true by selling her first cartoon to The New Yorker magazine. Scroll down to enjoy the witty comics below that can bring a smile to your face!

Credit: Elizabeth McNair




McNair studied drawing and painting in college. She currently works at a small design studio, Family Brothers, where she creates designs and drawings as a graphic designer and illustrator. We mostly work with restaurants all over the country so you might see my work the next time you go out to eat.


McNair stays productive because her small apartment doesn’t have a couch. According to the artist, due to the limited space, she has to choose between working or sleeping, which helps her concentrate better. If I had a sofa, I think I would be tempted to lie on it more often.



McNair enjoys drawing with Blackwing pencils, refining his sketches on tracing paper until they are perfect. When she switches to ink on paper, she chooses pens like Pilot Rolling Ball, Microns, or Radiograph, depending on what she’s creating.

But when she switches to digital painting on her computer using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, she feels most free. Here, mistakes don’t matter much because she can easily correct them by redoing as many times as she needs.














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