The artist creates funny one-panel comics that reflect the behavior of people, animals, and much more (20Pics)

Glenn McCoy is a distinguished illustrator, animator, cartoonist, and children’s book author known for his exceptional achievements in the world of cartoons. He holds the record for receiving the most awards from the National Cartoonists Society, with fourteen awards to his name. These include titles such as Magazine Cartoonist of the Year, Editorial Cartoonist of the Year, Comic Book Artist of the Year, Newspaper Panel Cartoonist of the Year, and Greeting Card Artist of the Year.

McCoy’s work has been featured in prominent publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, and Newsweek. He is also known for his “Duplex” and “Flying McCoy” comic strips, which were popular in newspapers ranging from Seattle to Sweden.

Credit: Glenn McCoy











In addition to print media, McCoy has collaborated with several prominent television and animation studios, including Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Fox Television. His films feature our bears such as “The Grinch”, “Ice Age 3”, “Despicable Me and Sing, and Minions in the Movies.

In addition, McCoy has written and directed animated shorts, including Mower Minions, which was shown in theaters around the world along with The Secret Life of Pets. His children’s books I See Santa All Around and Penny Lee and Her TV (Hyperion Publishing) have been translated into five languages, demonstrating his wide influence in the field of children’s literature and animation.











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