Jason Adam Katzenstein’s humorous one-panel comics for your daily dose of laughter (20Pics)

Enter the whimsical world of Jason Adam Katzenstein, a talented cartoonist and illustrator whose work brings joy and humor to life. You have probably seen his drawings in the New Yorker. He also wrote and drew Everything is an Emergency a comic about all the self-destructive stories someone tells themselves over and over again until they start to seem true.

With his smart and memorable comics, Katzenstein has a unique way of capturing everyday moments with a funny twist. Whether you’re a fan of witty observations or just want a good laugh, join us as we explore the charm and creativity of Jason Adam Katzenstein’s entertaining cartoons.

Credit: Jason Adam Katzenstein




From a young age, Katzenstein loved to draw and create comics. His parents supported him and were encouraged by his passion. They signed him up for art classes, gave him books to draw on, and most importantly, always told him that his job could be as an illustrator or comic book artist. Looking back, he realizes how much he took that support for granted.



Speaking of inspiration, Katzenstein shared that he likes to think of his creative process as more of an inspiration than just a creation of ideas. It’s as if he discovers them rather than invents them. Each cartoon is a dance between the common associations that everyone has and the unique voice of the cartoonist. To begin, the artist looks at what is relevant to him this week or what is happening in the world. He then tries to relate his personal experiences to things that everyone can relate to.
















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