20 Single-panel humorous and silly comics by Vaughan Tomlinson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vaughan Tomlinson, an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist originally from South Africa and currently based in New York City, who has distinguished himself with his humorous one-panel comics. His witty and ingenious work has earned him a passionate fan base of over 39,300 followers.

Central to Tomlinson art is the pursuit of joy and laugh. His one-panel comics are quick, humorous shots that contain a joke or clever line that always brings a smile or a good, hearty laugh.

Credit: Vaughan Tomlinson




Regarding his choice of single-panel comics, the artist said, “When I was a kid growing up in the ’90s, I loved Gary Larson’s The Far Side. In a single image, he could make hilarious and often insightful statements about humanity. nature and philosophy. I always liked the fast-paced nature of his cartoons. You go straight to the joke, and if it’s not that good (or you don’t get the joke), you go to the joke. Next, I like variety, and I also like to create a small world consisting of just one line and one picture.”



When asked about how he interacts with his fans, Vaughan noted: “Something I learned is that just because I find a cartoon funny doesn’t mean other people will like it. So I’m always interested in what other people like. My cartoons and I try to do this more often. I love posting cartoons on social media because I get immediate reactions. I also know if it is confusing or easy to misinterpret. newspapers, I often have to wait weeks to get a response (if I get a response at all). On social media, I receive clarifying comments and questions, such as who should speak.What should the joke be or the goose’s tie is too high?
















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