20 New comics by Maria Scrivan with absurd humor and funny situations

We have amazing news for you, dear pandas! One of our favorite artists, Maria Scrivan, has returned to Bored Panda. If you’re not familiar with her animated series yet, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! You can easily check out her earlier work and check out all of her previous publications, which feature Scrivan’s one-panel comics depicting absurd situations and funny characters. Today we picked out some of her latest strips and also had the opportunity to chat with the artist herself!

This time we caught up with Maria to talk about her recent work and congratulate her on the release of her fifth graphic novel, All is Lost. The artist shared with us: “Thank you! I’m so excited to continue Nat’s journey, which began in 2020 with the New York Times bestselling Nat Is Enough, followed by Forget Me Nat, Definitely Nat (a box set of the first three books), Nat Neither for What” and the fifth book in the series “All is Lost”, which will be released on March 5, 2024.

Credit: Maria Scrivan





We guessed that the artist must have encountered some problems while working on the new book, and she admitted: “It seems like there comes a point in every book when part of the story doesn’t work. This part of the creative process often feels like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without knowing which pieces make up the pieces. If I ever get stuck on a part of a story, I go for a walk or a run. Movement is great for getting rid of stuck ideas, and sometimes just being in a different environment helps motivate my creative process.

By drawing, I often get initial ideas for the book, and learn about the characters and where the book wants to go. Then I write an outline to give an overview of the story. It’s very much like a road map, and while I know where I’m going, I never know what I might find along the way as the story progresses. After that, I do a rough draft of the book to clarify the dialogue, story, and details. After a series of edits and rewrites, I draw and color the book.”

















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