20 Humorous and silly comics by Rube Cartoons

Let me introduce you to an accomplished writer, cartoonist, and “professional daydreamer and napper” Lee Rubin. He creates fun and light-hearted comics called “Rubes Cartoons”, which feature strange and absurd situations that can happen in a parallel universe. Here you’ll find cavemen recycling trash, giraffes upset about the plastic straw ban, whales ordering fish tacos, and many more random stories.

The artist said that many of his cartoons are inspired by pop culture. Once a film is made about a historical event, it immediately becomes part of our collective pop culture. This whole collective pop culture brings us together. Be it films, books, songs, or cartoon characters. or even advertising and advertising. There’s so much material out there to draw inspiration from. Growing up I loved (and still love) all the old Warner Bros. cartoons. and MGM. My father read all the comics in the newspaper, and I know. it had a big impact.”

Credit: Leigh Draws














Lee is also working on a book, Think Like a Cartoonist, due out next year and published by RIT Press. In addition to daily cartoons, I have had the honor of serving as a resident cartoonist at the Rochester Institute of Technology for the past four years. It’s a joy to interact with such incredibly creative and talented students.








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