20 Darkly Funny Comics by comedy genius Madeline Horvath

Get ready for some top-notch humor from comic book artist Madeline Horvath. You can recognize her work from publications in The New Yorker, The Chicago Reader, The LA Times, Seattle Stranger, and other publications.

Madeline’s comics are edgier. However, this is how the artist herself described her artistic style: “My cartoons are single panels for the New Yorker magazine, as well as periodic multi-panel comics. It’s hard for me to say that I have a specific style. Whatever comes from me is style and I can’t control it.”

Credit: Madelinehorwath




We were interested to learn about Madeline’s creative process and how she generates ideas for new comics. The artist shared, “The best way I think about it is to make connections between seemingly unrelated topics. Every theme has a metaphorical clasp, and if you can create some kind of connection in the clasps, you have a joke. So it’s a great lesson in humor and networking.”



We also asked Madeline to tell us what was the hardest thing about getting into the comics industry. She replied: “The social aspect. You can work your way up by being the epitome of an isolated artist, but that is an obstacle. I had to prove myself to get my work noticed by The New Yorker.”
















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