The One-Panel Comics That I Hope Will Brighten Your Day (20Pics)

I’ve been working as a freelance cartoonist for over 15 years. My career began at the age of 4 when I “amazed” my parents by drawing Fred Flintstone on the living room wall with brightly colored Crayola crayons.

Since then my work has been published and sold around the world in magazines, greeting cards, newspapers, online, CD covers, and children’s books. When I’m not creating cartoons, you can find me napping, time-traveling, and jumping over tall hedges in a single bound.

Inspiration for my cartoons comes from anywhere and everywhere, sometimes from real life and sometimes just from my imagination. I once dreamed of a cartoon that I thought was funny in my dream but when I woke up, it didn’t make any sense.

Credit: DT Walsh



Coming up with something funny can be difficult. If I think a cartoon idea is funny, I’ll use it. Humor is very subjective. Trying to please everyone is impossible. What I enjoy most is drawing, painting, and adding effects. It’s playtime… It allows me to be 10 years old again.



















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