The artist captured the quirks of life in 20 interesting comics (new photos)

In a world filled with complexities and everyday problems, Kristen Bevilacqua, the creative mind behind Bevs Boredom comics, has found a way to navigate life’s twists and turns with a dose of humor and a big heart. In her imaginary world, Bev, a character inspired by Kristen herself, takes center stage, offering a real-life perspective on our struggles.

Influenced by cartoons and anime, Kristen’s captivating style results from practice and experimentation and has resonated with a rapidly growing audience. When I started in 2018, I wanted to be able to practice my drawing and writing skills constantly but now my goal is to help people feel less alone in the things they face in their lives the artist shared with Bored Pand.

Kristen’s love for art began as a child with cartoons, especially anime and playful drawings. As she grew up and took up graphic design, she felt the desire for something more. A chance discovery of webcomics inspired her to fully embrace her creative side and create a humor brand.

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Kristen has been creating comics for a while now, and her boyfriend and sister are her main inspirations. Whenever I get upset about my comics or drawings my boyfriend always says encouraging words and always encourages me.














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