My 20 Comics About Social Awkward Misfit Anxiety

Meet Sam. “Sam” stands for Socially Awkward Misfit, the title of my webcomic loosely based on my own life. Here are some comics I made about dealing with social anxiety. The book “The Socially Awkward Loser” is based on my own life experiences, such as struggling with social anxiety, as well as issues related to introversion and social awkwardness. I have been creating comics for as long as I can remember. Inspired by comics such as Beano, Garfield, and Wiz, I have been creating comic characters since childhood. Later I drew some comics for Beano and Wiz.

Credit: Socially Awkward Misfit




I draw whenever I feel inspired. This usually happens in the evening or at night… sometimes even early! I usually draw while listening to music or fun podcasts. The problems I faced with social anxiety and depression prevented me from being more productive, especially when creating cartoons. But I’ve found that the more I do it, the more confident I become.



The most rewarding part of making comics has been hearing from so many people who say they can relate to the themes of my cartoons, and I love hearing that it has helped them know they don’t feel alone in the world.
















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