I create useful comics about the life of a cute pair of bats (20 new photos)

Cuddly Bats is back with fresh comics and new books to brighten your day. Not familiar with Cuddly Bats? Cuddly Bats is a comic about an adorable bat couple, Luna and Shadow. A lovely bat duo who just love to cuddle, make pizza, and watch movies together.

So how were the Moon and Shadow created? It all started with one illustration of a cute flying fox that I did just for fun. At the time, he was just one of several characters I had created, and I never expected that he would end up becoming something more: one of the two main characters in the Cuddly Bats comics.

Credit: Cuddly Bats




For quite a long time I used an illustration of this character as my screensaver. And even after several months I still really liked this design. Gradually the idea of creating a comic about a pair of bats was born.
For Shadow, I decided to keep the original black bat look and focus on Luna. At first, I thought about making it purple, but since I adore albino animals, I decided to try making an albino version as well. As soon as I finished the sketch, I realized: this was the Moon.





The more comics I made, the more of their traits came to light. I think it is better to leave something open and slowly get to know your character and with that you will also get to know yourself as the character that you create will always reflect who you are well.














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