Artist Creates Single-Panel Comics Filled with Absurd Situations and Silly Humor

When it comes to drawing comics, the artist may choose to spend hours working on a ridiculous that has relatively many panels; still, occasionally a single panel is further than enough to convey the idea you have in mind. Artist Scott Hilburn demonstrates exactly that with his single-panel review comics called “ The Argyle Sweater, ” which is in his alternate decade of distribution.

The artist’s work has appeared in the LA Times, NY Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, and numerous other newspapers. However, be sure to scroll down and check out Scott’s work for yourself, If you are intrigued.

Credit: Scott Hilburn


When he talks about himself, the artist has quite a many effects to say and one thing is clear he doesn’t lack imagination.

” Legend has it that I was born precisely at the age of 0 on the top of an Arctic glacier. Reportedly, at the exact moment of my birth, disastrous and miraculous events passed around the world Mount Vesuvius erupted, the poles shifted, rare comets appeared in the sky, and my conjure of Jeannie was canceled. Living next to a nuclear munitions testing installation as a child, I was exposed to high situations of violent radiation.”




















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