21 Absurd Situations and Stupid Humor comics by Paul Woods

Paul Woods, aka Woodsy, is a 41-year-old cartoonist and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. He creates hilarious one-panel comics that you might have a hard time not smiling as you flip through them.

Paul is a big fan of puns and wordplay to spice up his one-panel comics. With that said, we encourage you to scroll down and see the artist’s work for yourself and don’t forget to let us know in the comments which comic was your favorite and why!

Credit: Paul Woods




Woods previously mentioned that art has always been present in his life, even since the artist went to school, he already considered art as something therapeutic. ‚ÄúSimilar to the first question, I have always been interested in drawing, ever since school. I see it as therapeutic, it is nice to switch off and do something I enjoy. With that said, being a comic book artist is not my full-time job. However, my comics are published in several regular newspapers in Australia and the UK.”



Paul has quite a following on Instagram and his fans admire his hard work and creativity. With all this in mind, we wondered what it would be like to bring joy to so many people almost every day. I love making people laugh or smile. I like to finish a cartoon, show it to my wife or children, and watch their reactions. Not every cartoon works, and sometimes it’s the ones you’re not sure about that get the most laughs.


















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