20Funny comics strips from Spud Comics

My name is Lonnie Easterling and I’ve been drawing Spud Comics for almost nine years. I write, draw, ink, and color these are fun comics. There are more than 1100 of them on my website.

Spud comics have nothing to do with potatoes (although I have drawn a few potato comics here and there). My grandfather’s nickname for me was “Spud”, so I used it to refer to the fun comic book ideas I drew on paper.

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Let’s begin our brief historical exploration of funny strips by recognizing ourselves with the term. A comic is a series of drawings arranged horizontally and vertically and intended to be read as a narrative or chronological sequence. Drawings can (and usually do) be supplemented with captions or callouts to spice them up a little. Now let’s move on to the history of these popular strips. While you might think that the Egyptians started the comic book trend, the art form came a little later in our history, with the first examples dating back to medieval times in Europe.

Comic ideas were woven into the tapestries! Usually, they depicted the actions of noble knights and were not so funny. The first printed comics appeared in the mid-18th century in England. There were several prominent cartoonists at the time, and that’s when the funny, clean comics woven into tapestries became a little more raunchy and political, especially when they made their way into newspapers, where they were commonly used as part of satirical social commentary. Today, comics can cover a variety of topics, from Baby Shark comics for kids to funny comics for adults; it is still a much-loved art form.

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