20 wordless, one-panel comics featuring dogs by Carlo Ferdon

Meet Carlo Ferdon a talented cartoonist from Chile whose art speaks louder than words. His illustrations like little pockets of joy simple funny and filled with everyday absurdity. Everything was achieved without a single word!

Ferdon knows how to turn ordinary situations into a source of endless smiles. Today we have collected his works with the participation of our four-legged friends – dogs! Scroll down to get your dose of doggy laughter with Ferdon’s adorable dog cartoons!

Credit: Carlo Ferdon




Ferdon says creating comics without words is a big part of what makes his comics unique. He likes that the humor in cartoons is simple and to the point.

According to the artist, jokes without words may not be understandable to everyone, but when readers understand them, it seems fantastic. This connection with his readers makes him passionate about drawing, even though being an artist can be difficult.



Ferdon said that ideas for his comics come by chance, but his “secret” is to put characters in everyday situations and make something funny and surprising. Simply put, the more he draws, the more ideas he gets – it’s like a cycle!



Ferdon keeps it simple, and it pays off: 27.3 thousand followers on Instagram and 62.5 thousand on Twitter! He says using humor without words helps him connect with people around the world. No matter where you are from or what language you speak, you can enjoy his art.














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