20 slightly inappropriate comics by this artist (new photos)

The Fruit Gone Bad comic book series imagines a world where fruits vegetables, and other foods can speak and share their thought. The New York-based cartoonist creates cartoons and features quirky and twisted versions of food characters and other objects that go about their daily activities like humans and have their own social lives.

Some comics can be humorous or inappropriate and can even change the way you think about your favorite foods. Despite this, the series has collected a large number of subscribers – more than 82 thousand Instagram users who like this humor. Whether you find it funny or not, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this quirky comic book series.

Credit: Fruit Gone Bad




Fruit Gone Bad comics are known for their clever use of dark humor. Despite the innocent appearance of fruits, vegetables, and other characters, the artist manages to convey inappropriate thoughts that many people can understand. The illustrations show that foods have characters and thoughts similar to ours.



While the process of creating art can be deeply rewarding, it can also present some challenges. For the New York City cartoonist, the most challenging aspect of creating comics is “trying to visually represent what’s happening in a scene and then finding the perfect words to convey the joke.” The most enjoyable part of the process is when he perfects the wording and the comic gets “colored and cleaned up.”
















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