20 Ridiculously funny comics from Cheddar Bacon Studios

Nowadays there are many comics on a variety of topics. The main question is: why are some better than others? Of course, there are things like style, storytelling, and themes that set them apart, but in my opinion, in terms of what makes them stand out, the main thing is the humor. Lucky for you guys, today’s comic is all about ridiculous situations, absurd outcomes, and, frankly, good and sometimes dirty jokes. But these things are better shown, not told. Let’s get this topic out of the way: without further ado, let me introduce you to the comics created by Cheddar Bacon Studios!

I grow up in a very small town in northern Missouri. I have a LOT of siblings 8 to be exact which has led to some pretty wild shenanigans. My family always gravitated toward the arts, so I pursued a liberal arts degree in college and received a B.A. That’s when I decided to make a comic in college. My family and I always talked about recording the crazy adventures we had as kids, and I thought creating these comics would be a great way to share those stories. This is where my main sense of humor comes from. My family is my main inspiration. And just life in general. Life can be filled with a lot of little disappointments and inconveniences, and I wanted to draw comics that people would enjoy.”

Credit: Cheddar Bacon Studios





















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