20 New Absurd Humor Single-Panel Comics by Joseph Nowak

Joseph Nowak, popularly known as Nowak Draws on Instagram, has garnered a huge following of over 14,900 with his unique style of humor distilled into single-panel comics.

These comics are his way of showcasing his ability to distill humor and relatable observations about everyday life into a compact, efficient format (one panel), often featuring exaggerated characters, objects, and settings to amplify the comedic effect.

Focusing on simplicity and expressiveness, Nowak’s artistic style varies but consistently serves to enhance the overall comedic impact of his work. Whether the humor is light-hearted, clever, or absurd, his comics are designed to offer a good laugh.

Credit: Joseph Nowak




Regarding the transition from brush and ink to fully digital art, Joseph shared the challenges he faced, particularly adapting to the lack of physical feedback. He noted: “One of the main obstacles was adjusting to the lack of physical feedback you get from a brush or pen, which initially made my strokes less confident.” However, he also highlighted the advantages of digital tools, mentioning how they have allowed for greater experimentation, rapid iteration, and a more dynamic artistic style.



Balancing different artistic activities, the artist highlighted the importance of maintaining a daily routine and shared his observations on how different mediums influence each other. “It’s a symbiotic relationship in which each medium enriches the other,” he explained, detailing how traditional tools bring an organic feel to his work, while digital tools encourage bold experimentation.
















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