20 Humorous Single-Panel Comics by Dave Coverly Featuring the Quirks of Human Behavior, Animals, and More

Dave Coverly is a cartoonist known for his ridiculous strip” Speed Bump.” It’s a single-panel cartoon that features intelligent and humorous commentary on colorful aspects of everyday life, similar to the tricks of mortal geste
, creatures, and popular culture.

Dave Coverly’s cartoons are largely regarded for their wit and humor, and his work has been published in several journals and magazines, including The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The New York Times, and further.

Credit: Dave Coverly




We asked the artist if he has any specific sources of alleviation or routines that help him communicate new ridiculous ideas. He participated that he gets alleviation from lots and lots of reading.” The two most important effects to me are the ideas should try to be applicable to the guests we all have in common, and the ideas should be * about * commodity. I do make jokes occasionally just for a joke’s sake, but the cartoons that really excite me are the bones
that are both humorous and have a commodity to say. I suppose the applicability and the thoughtlessness in a successful panel are what make certain cartoons more relatable. As Mark Twain said,’ There is a kernel of verity in every jest,’ and I suppose that is so good to keep in mind when writing experimental humor.

Routines and structure are also counter-intuitively veritably important to creativity, at least to mine. I’ve got a futon in my garret plant where I always sit to read and suppose ideas, so when I am sitting there I am automatically in work mode. It’s that pivotal brain-butt connection!”


















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