20 Humorous one-panel comics that will help you take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle

Today we dive head first into the humor filled universe of Tim Wyatt’s one-panel comics. Known for their laugh-out-loud wit and entertaining humor, Wyatt’s cartoons can make you laugh instantly. After all, he is a master at coming up with well-aimed jokes with pinpoint precision. With just one panel usually Wyatt has a knack for turning everyday scenes into something unusual yet interesting.

The artist knows how to make fun of the peculiarities of the modern world, emphasizing the stupidity of human actions, so each of his cartoons demonstrates his comedic genius, turning the ordinary into the funny.

Credit: Whyatt_comics




Discussing his creative inspiration, he said: “My only inspiration is the constant need to entertain myself. If I have a blank piece of paper in front of me, I’ll just start drawing until I find something funny.” He also hinted at his humorous nature in everyday life, sharing my tenyear old son recently told me that he was starting to get too mature for my jokes. I think that tell all you need to know.



Speaking about his creative process, Tim shared, “I draw black ideas every day, but I’m never done until my publishers decide on a joke.” The artist also acknowledged his early artistic influences and said, “My father was a graphic artist, so I probably inherited some artistic skills from him. I’ve always been good at drawing, so it’s easy for me. Coming up with a joke is the hardest part.” “
















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