20 Funny comics “From Earth to Planet” that will cheer you up (new pictures)

Welcome back to the world of Planet Earth comics, where smiles are guaranteed. Created by the talented Jody Zellman these cartoons are a must watch for comedy lovers.

Earth To Planet launched in September 2017 and has been a source of laughter and fun ever since. Here, Zellman shares his passion for making people smile through comics Influenced by comedy legends such as Gary Larson, George Carlin, and Dave Barry Jodie’s comics are a blend of humor and everyday life.

Credit: Earth to Plant




Let’s take a close look at Zellman’s creative process. For many years I started with pencil and paper to sketch out my ideas the artist shared. Once I had the idea, I created a 7 x 7-inch square and drew a cartoon inside it. After that, I finalized it with a pen and then scanned and colored the cartoon using Photoshop.

Last year I switched to iPad and Procreate. I am still adjusting but working digitally makes it easier to draw on the go. Plus, I have numerous boxes of cartoons taking up precious space and I do not want to burden my descendants who will eventually have to clean out my attic.

The hardest thing today is finding time to draw. The comic has been on hiatus for the last year, and the hiatus is lasting longer than expected because I’m struggling to regain my discipline.”


















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