20 Funny cat comics by Scott Metzger that will make every cat owner cry with laughter (new photos)

There are few things we love here at Bored Panda more than comics and cats. The former always brings a smile to our faces and the latter… by ruling the internet, cats have won our hearts and that’s all there is. So, if you fall into one of the categories, or better yet, both, Scott Metzger’s cartoons will be a real treat for you!

The Northern California cartoonist has been drawing since 1996, making him a veteran of cat comics with an incredible 26 years of experience! With extensive experience depicting the everyday adventures of our beloved cats and their people, Metzger manages to capture their ridiculous and very human behavior. The artist’s charming sense of humor, light-hearted style, and positivity make his work a much-needed antidote to today’s world, in which we feel lost at times.

Credit: Scott Metzger




“Over the years, my drawing style has changed a little. In the early days when I was learning Adobe Illustrator, the drawings were a little rough,” Scott Metzger, the creator of these wonderful cat comics, told Bored Panda in an interview.

Also, the cartoons I draw now are different from the ones I did years ago. I used to draw comics on a variety of topics but now most of my comics feature cats and dogs because they are more fun to draw he said, adding that it’s pretty rare these days that I draw comics that only feature people.


















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